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Hubble Unveils an Exciting New Universe

The Hubble Space Telescope is one of the most ambitious and scientifically productive human enterprises ever conceived. Hubble’s discoveries are revolutionizing nearly all aspects of astronomy, opening up a grand vista on the universe that for most of history humans could only probe with their imaginations. Paving the way for future space-based telescopes, Hubble links the intellectual curiosity of our species, isolated on a lone planet, to an infinitely wondrous and majestic universe.

The following series of articles highlight how Hubble has helped solve some of astronomy's most pressing questions, and given rise to new mysteries.

Article Series: Hubble's Exciting Universe

supermassive black hole jet from galaxy M87
Finding Supermassive Black Holes
NGC 3972
Measuring the Universe's Expansion Rate
illustration of a series of galaxy clusters
Discovering Dark Energy
Interacting Galaxy Pair Arp 87
Unveiling Galaxy Evolution
Detail in the Carina Nebula
Beholding the Birth and Death of Stars
Artist’s impression of the TRAPPIST-1 planetary system
Characterizing Planets Around Other Stars
Auroras and Great Red Spot on Jupiter
Surveying the Solar System
Official portrait of Kathy Sullivan in her NASA spacesuit
Women Behind Hubble Achievements