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Anniversary Resources

bubble nebulaCelebrate Hubble’s 30th anniversary with a variety of free and exciting resources to engage the public. These materials, available in easy-to-access, downloadable formats, include exhibit materials; posters, including the official 30th anniversary image and 29 other iconic pictures; activities; presentations; ebooks; blogs; and other unique Hubble resources.

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Anniversary Assets for Download

Additional Resources

  • Timeline

    View the history of Hubble over the past 30 years.

  • eBooks

    Browse our collection of digital books on Hubble, including one in Spanish.

  • Videos

    See the universe come to life in videos on Hubble’s science.

  • Blog

    Check out our Illuminated Universe blog with posts from Hubble experts.

  • Learning Resources

    Find additional resources, including the Public Lecture Series, NASA’s Universe of Learning, Tonight’s Sky, Hubble lithographs, and more.  

  • Mission and Telescope Information

    Learn specifics about the Telescope, including Hubble statistics and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Future Mission: Webb

    Discover how the James Webb Space Telescope will complement and build upon the science of Hubble.

  • Future Mission: Roman

    Find out how the Roman Space Telescope (formerly WFIRST) will unravel even more secrets of the universe with Hubble-quality data and 100 times the field of view.