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Dark Energy

Accelerating the Expansion of the Universe

Illustration the accelerating expansion of the universe

Gravitational Waves

Disturbances in the Fabric of Spacetime

artist's impression of gravitational waves

Black Holes

Almost Every Galaxy Has One

a black hole shatters a passing star

The Meaning of Light and Color

Using Color as a Tool to Convey Information

The heart of the Lagoon Nebula

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

More to Light than Meets the Eye

Wavelengths of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum

Spectroscopy: Reading the Rainbow

An image tells us what something looks like; a spectrum tells us what it is.

STIS spectrum of the Southern Crab Nebula

The Big Bang

How the Universe Sprang into Existence

Artist's interpretation of the Big Bang

Gamma-ray Bursts

Exposing the Origins of the Brightest and Most Energetic Explosions Known

A particle jet emits gamma rays after a luminous explosion

Gravitational Lensing

Looking Through a Giant Magnifying Glass

A gravitational lens mirage of a galaxy

Hubble Deep Fields

Exposing the History of Galaxy Development

Among Hubble's most colorful deep space images ever captured

Observing Ultraviolet Light

How to detect and analyze shorter, higher energy wavelengths of light

30 Doradus A Turbulent Star-forming Region