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Resources for Learners

A collection of resources for learners, educators, developers, and other professionals in museums, planetariums, nature centers, observatory & park visitor centers, and other free-choice learning venues.  Find materials that span from the beginning of Hubble’s mission to the innovative science it is enabling today.


  • Illuminated Universe

    Hubble Image of NGC 3324

    Translating cosmic light to uncover the richness of the universe.

  • Frontier Fields

    Frontier Field logo over galaxy cluster Abell 370

    Observations of massive clusters reveal the farthest detected galaxies.

Planetarium resources

  • Dome videos

    Flight Through the Orion Nebula in Visible Light – Dome Version

    High-quality video files formatted for use in planetarium domes

  • Frame Sets

    Pillars of Creation in visible and near-infrared light, taken by Hubble

    Individual frames which, when viewed in succession, make up a complete video